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Being sustainable for a better future

As a company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, and we are taking active steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also implemented various measures to make our business activities more sustainable.

Since 6 December 2013 we have been sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy sources. We are particularly proud of the 99.36 kWp high-performance photovoltaic system, which is installed on the roof of our hall and supplies us with solar power. By switching over to renewable energies we have already been able to save 71,685.73 kg of carbon emissions, which corresponds to around 2,139.6 planted trees (as at 30 May 2023). We obtain 70% of our energy from our own photovoltaic systems.

Our employees can charge electric vehicles for free at our site. A bike leasing scheme is also available to the entire workforce as part of our sustainability strategy. Even our packaging material is sustainable. We use recycled cardboard to reduce consumption of new raw materials.

It is our firm belief that every company can and should make a contribution to sustainability. This is why we will continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in the future and work tirelessly to improve our sustainability strategy.