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DIN and standard parts

We secure your application

Our range includes a large selection of DIN and standardised parts that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Our products include circlips, snap rings, shim washers and supporting washers, disc springs, slotted round nuts and lock washers. We also offer a wide assortment of related articles.

DIN 471 A, DIN 472 J, K-, V-,
und L-Ringe

Push-on fixes
for shafts and push-in
fixes for bores

Grip rings, clamping washers, E-Rings, crescent rings

Snap rings
for shafts, bores and roller bearings, round wire rings

Support and shim washers, disc springs —————–

Slotted round nuts
Lock washers, slotted round nuts, capstan nuts

CNC machining
Turned and milled parts, as well as welded assemblies according to customer drawings