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Custom-made products and drawing parts

We can provide you with the perfect solution, whether you’re looking for a standard or custom-made fastener

Thanks to our extensive range of machinery and longstanding cooperation with finishing partners, we can provide you with individual quotations for special dimension, design, surface treatment or material requirements.

In addition to special dimensions and thicknesses, we offer various design options in terms of shape, boreholes, notches, slots and openings.

Various surface treatment options are also available, including electrogalvanised/mechanically galvanised, zinc flake coating (e.g. Delta Protekt), chromated and nickel-plated.

We also offer special materials such as stainless steel, bronze and copper. These materials are characterised by their specific properties and are suitable for special-purpose applications.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We look forward to preparing an individual quotation for you.